Ledao - Ledao Guiling Rescue Skin Relief (60 capsules)

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Improve moisture-sensitive redness and chapping Add patented perilla seed ingredients to clear skin from dampness, heat, and toxins

Product Details:
"Ledao Guiling Rescue Skin Relief" adopts the standard ingredients of Guiling jelly promulgated by the "National Health Department" as the formula basis, and is compatible with a variety of herbal Chinese medicine improvements for skin symptoms to strengthen the effect of removing dampness, heat, and toxins. Achieve the effect of deeply removing moisture sensitivity. The concentrated formula is rich in ingredients, and patented perilla seed extract is added to effectively fight against symptoms such as moisture sensitive marks and redness.

Smilax tuckahoe, raw rehmannia glutinosa, maltodextrin, tortoise shell, perilla seed extract, honeysuckle, burdock seed, tribulus terrestris, capillary, angelica dahurica, cassia seed, golden grass, tangerine peel, broken ganoderma lucidum spore powder, tortoise (viscerated) , licorice, hemp seed, echinacea, E551 (anti-caking agent), E572 (anti-caking agent)

Suggested dosage:
Health care: 1 time a day, 3 capsules each time; Severe: 2 times a day, 3 capsules each time

The formula is suitable for children aged 3 to 10, and the dosage can be reduced by half

Packing Specifications:
500 mg/capsule, 60 capsules/bottle, with capsules

*Use with caution for infants and pregnant women, please seek medical advice
*Health care product, not a substitute for doctor's advice
*Natural ingredients – color, texture, flavor may vary slightly from batch to batch

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