Grass Girl - Menstruation Tightening and Firming Formula (Strong Formula) (60 capsules)

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  1. Tighten the pelvic floor muscles and tighten the vaginal muscles
  2. 85% improved incontinence problems, no more embarrassment
  3. 100% regulate menstrual cycle disorders, consolidate the foundation and cultivate the vitality
  4. 85% Relieve menopausal discomfort and maintain youthfulness inside and out
  5. Promote Qi and blood circulation, improve cold hands and feet

Suitable for people

  1. Muscle relaxation
  2. Incontinence problems
  3. bad menstruation
  4. palpitations insomnia
  5. Mental fatigue


60 capsules per box, 500mg each

place of production


main ingredient

  1. turmeric
  2. Catechin
  3. Pomegranate
  4. Yamana
  5. Eucommia
  6. pomegranate peel
  7. Lecithin


  1. Tighten muscles or before and after menopause: 3 capsules in the morning and evening
  2. Regulating menstruation and promoting blood circulation: 3 capsules per day

(It is advisable to take on an empty stomach for complete absorption)

Completing a three-month course of treatment can help tighten Yin and delay aging. After completing the course of treatment, 3 capsules a day can be used for health care.

product introduction

Grass Ji Menstruation Tightening Treasure - 4 Symptoms for Women

【Loose】Pelvic relaxation caused by postpartum or aging

【Leak】urinary leakage, slight incontinence

【Pain】Pain during menstruation and disorder of Qi and blood

[Old] Menopausal hot flashes, palpitations, discomfort, sallow and dull complexion

Postpartum and menopausal women are most likely to be troubled by incontinence

When women enter middle age, they have gradually entered the stage of Yin Qi exhaustion. They will find that their muscles begin to relax, and their private parts are also prematurely aging, showing a "loose Yin" condition

Especially for women who have given birth or have given birth before, the muscle tone will be greatly reduced. The pelvis located in the lower abdomen, including the uterus, bladder, large intestine and other organs, will cause the pelvic floor muscles to bear excessive weight due to pregnancy, resulting in "pelvic relaxation"

Women affected by this problem often irritate the vulva muscles, resulting in incontinence, by:


✦ sneezing

✦ laugh out loud


In addition to embarrassment and embarrassment, the resulting smell will also have a significant impact on social interaction, daily life and personal emotions. In severe cases, it will even destroy the intimate relationship between couples

Tighten vaginal muscles to improve urine infiltration from 2 weeks^

Herbal Tune-Up (Enhanced Formula) uses pure natural herbal ingredients, which can effectively tighten the pelvic floor and vaginal muscle relaxation, and improve women's problems such as irregular menstruation. It is suitable for postpartum women and can also relieve menopausal problems

The enhanced formula contains green tea essence catechins, which can effectively beautify the skin and remove yellowing, make the skin more energetic, anti-oxidant and younger. Lecithin can provide sufficient moisture and oxygen to the skin, making the skin smooth and soft

Herbs Tune Menstruation and Firming Potion (strengthened formula) is 100% natural, it can flow Qi and blood inside, dispel wind and cold outside, and flow Qi and blood from inside to outside to all parts of the body. It is a safe and reliable treasure for women's health care without side effects

Mild and nourishing formula

The only yin-enhancing herbal compound on the market, with mild nature and no side effects. Long-term use can promote Qi and blood circulation, make you energetic inside and out, effectively regulate the entire body function, and prevent premature aging

Just take three capsules in the morning and evening, and complete a three-month course of treatment, which can help strengthen yin and tighten, and delay aging. After completing the course of treatment, three capsules a day can be used for health care, keeping the complexion rosy and youthful, and it is good for women’s firming and toning square

Users have no fear of incontinence after childbirth and menopause

The fastest 2 weeks to tighten the yin muscles^ – take 3 months as a course of treatment, users have confirmed that the fastest 2 weeks can be effective

85% improved incontinence^ – Enhanced pelvic floor muscle elasticity and closing strength, improved incontinence

100% Regulate Menstrual Period^ – Regulate menstrual cycle disorders, promote qi and blood, strengthen the foundation and cultivate vitality

80% Vaginal Muscle Firming^ – Effectively tighten the pelvic floor and vaginal muscle relaxation, enhance muscle elasticity

85% Relieve Menopause^ – Replenish body functions, delay aging, and make complexion more rosy and youthful

Star user Ye Cuicui: I gave birth to 3 children thanks to him helping me to tighten my vagina

"Menstruation Tightening Bao helped me tighten my loose vaginal muscles. After giving birth to 3 children, it still kept firm and no more urine seepage. It is highly recommended for postpartum mothers!"

This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claims made for this product have not been reviewed for the purposes of such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

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