Landmeier - AT120 Cordless Dental Irrigator | Water Flosser

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The new "Rald Moyer - Cordless Teeth Flosser AT120", in addition to the 3-stage adult mode, it also has a 3-stage children's mode and a safety lock , so the whole family can enjoy dental cleaning-level care at home.

1400 times/minute spray frequency, 0.6mm small water column, equipped with 2 standard nozzles, distinguished by color. When shared by a family, it is easier to identify the medical-grade highly translucent biodegradable water tank material. The back adopts a threaded anti-slip design, which is more in line with artificial mechanics and is not exposed to water. The skateboard wireless magnetic induction charging can be used for 30 days after one full charge (the frequency of use is 2 times a day, one box of water each time)
30-second intelligent power-off protection effectively improves electromagnetic battery life🔋

[6-segment pressure/mode button, press and hold for two seconds to switch to child mode]
High-end: for daily cleaning. Mid-range: suitable for people with sensitive gums. Low-end: suitable for initial use and people with fragile gums.

Specifications: Cordless dental rinser
Model: AT120
Voltage: 100V-240V
Water tank capacity: 175ml
Waterproof level: IPX7 waterproof
Water pressure: Adult mode (3 levels): 40-100PSl, Children/Rehabilitation mode (3 levels): 20-56PSI
Charging time: about 7 hours

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