RANVOO-RANVOO all-round air outlet neck fan

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In the hot summer, of course you need to prepare a fan to combat the hot weather. The Ranvoo 360-degree all-round air-flow neck fan has strong wind power. Super long power performance.

4-blade design, the wind power is 80% greater than that of double-blade, and it is 8 times more powerful. Three-speed adjustment design. Built-in 4000MAH large battery. Super power.

Usable time after charging: 18h in 1st gear, 11h in 2nd gear, 5h in 3rd gear

A single fan weighs about 260 grams, and the package weighs 630 grams.

There are 4 independent air outlet positions at the front and rear, and the first two air outlet positions can be adjusted 150 degrees. Flexible adjustment of the blowing range allows you to enjoy the cool breeze from all directions to meet different environments.

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