Abbott PANBIO COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Screening



Abbott PANBIO COVID-19 Antigen Test (1 stick)

  • Sensitivity up to 98.1%
  • Specificity up to 99.8%
  • Hong Kong government approves rapid test kit
  • 15 minutes, quick test​
  • Can detect Delta, Omicron, Mu, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and other mutant strains
  • Trusted Brand Used in Over 140 Countries
  • EU CE certification
  • EU approval test results: (see page 11 for details)
  • U.S. FDA EUA Emergency Use Authorization Products:
  • WHO EUL Emergency Use Authorization Products:

  • Instruction Manual x 1
  • Test device x 1
  • Extraction tube x 1
  • blue hijab x 1
  • Buffer bottle x 1
  • Swab x 1
  • bag x 1
  • Test tube rack x 1

Expiry date: 2023-JUN
Production place: South Korea

Storage method:
Store the test kit at a temperature between 2-30°C. Avoid sun exposure.

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