Philips - GoZero Portable Water Filter Bottle | Hydration Bottle AWP2722 - Dark Gray

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Drink pure water, rehydrate, and get outdoors!

GoZero Adventure filters remove up to 99.999%* of water pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and parasites, so you can enjoy safe drinking water with confidence. This filter also reduces particulates, chemicals and heavy metals for a better and clearer taste.

Carry safe drinking water with you
  • 20 oz/590 ml
  • Instant filtering
  • BPA free LDPE


The bottle is equipped with a dust-proof cap to keep the drinking area clean.

Leak proof

Leak-proof design to prevent drinking water from spilling in the bag.

Suitable for dishwashers

With the exception of the filter element, all accessories are dishwasher safe (max. 50 degrees Celsius).

Enjoy safe drinking water anytime, anywhere

Adventure filter element uses innovative electro-adsorption filter element material, which can filter up to 99.999%* of pathogens in water, allowing you to enjoy safe drinking water anytime and anywhere**. This filter is better at reducing particulates, chemicals and heavy metals. Just pour water into the bottle, squeeze and drink!

The timing function will remind you when to replace the filter element
<br>For best results, the timing function will remind you when to replace the filter element

Technical specifications

General specifications

  • Bottle capacity (without filter): 590ml/20oz
  • Bottle material: BPA-free LDPE
  • Filter quality: 1 pack
  • Filter life: 1 month
  • Replacement filter element: Fitness filter element AWP286/AWP287 / Adventure filter element AWP294/AWP295

    Enter water environment
    Adventure filter element AWP294/AWP295:

  • Clearly visible pure drinking water
  • 5-38 degrees Celsius
  • Do not use to filter sea water

Fitness filter element AWP286/AWP287:

  • Municipal tap water
  • 5-38 degrees Celsius

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