AFC EASYCARE Turning and Shifting Auxiliary Cushion

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The "Turning and Shifting Auxiliary Pad" was jointly developed by the domestic medical center and Haoshen Fiber, and won the International Invention Gold Award and the National Innovation Award. The new 3-layer design is the most labor-saving and humanized turning aid, which can solve the problem of patients. Displacement, turning, turning, laborious getting up and other troubles make caregivers easier and less labor-intensive, making bedridden people more comfortable and more secure.

  • Hygiene : It is made of special medical cloth material, which is water-absorbent, breathable, and antibacterial. It can be used directly as a nursing mattress to help reduce the chance of bedsores.
  • Labor-saving : The labor-saving design of human mechanics makes it easy to apply force, allowing women to use it independently without the need for other assistive devices, reducing occupational injuries such as muscle fascia injuries.
  • Safety : 6 hand-held pull rings to support the auxiliary belt, the middle layer of heavy-duty reinforcement belt, with a load capacity of 200 kg, plus a fixed safety buckle belt, the whole body is covered stably. The care recipient has a comfortable and good support structure, which reduces the pain of skin and muscle pulling or injury of limbs.
  • This product is in line with Long-Term Care 2.0/ Assistive Devices Subsidy Project for the Physically and Mentally Disabled 【Manual Shifting Sling】
    If you want to know about the long-term care 2.0 subsidy application information, please call the 1966 long-term care service hotline for consultation.
  • License number: Ministry of Health Medical Equipment System Yidengzi No. a00019
  • US FDA registration (Listing Number: D465113)

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