AFC EASYCARE Graphene Body Shaping Magic Pants

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AFC EASY CARE ® Graphene body shaping magic pants for daily wear, easy and beautiful! Sports wear, very enjoy thin!

【Graphene Black Technology-Natural Body Magician】

  • Far-infrared heat conduction, promoting circulation and metabolism
  • Regulate body temperature, can be worn all year round
  • Antibacterial and deodorizing, absorb negative energy from the body

[Seamless special weave] - high waist, tummy control, beautiful buttocks, firm legs

[Exclusive Elastic Slim Design] - Fits snugly but not tight, breathable and not stuffy, S~2XL are stylish and stylish

【Wear it every day, be beautiful every day】-Whether it is casual sports or daily wear, you can easily control different styles

[Our graphene is different from others! 】

The general graphene process uses a large amount of acid oxidation reaction or solvent stripping, which is likely to leave harmful substances that endanger human safety. At the same time, a large amount of wastewater generated in the process will also be discharged into the environment, causing irreversible pollution hazards to the environment.

Haoshen Fiber Technology is a GMP manufacturing plant that complies with various international environmental protection regulations, and the raw materials used have passed RoHS, REACH, Oek Tex and other regulations. Our graphene is produced by a fully dry process-direct continuous physical technology. No acid, alkali and organic solvents are used in the process. After SGS inspection, no 8 major heavy metal residues were detected, which meets the highest standards for the use of raw materials in the textile industry and serves customers. Provide safe and environmentally friendly textiles.

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