Anita 5733X Miss Ribbon free Post Mastectomy Bra

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Size: AA70
Sale price$540.00


Anita 5733X Miss Ribbon medical bra

Medical bras are specially designed for women who need to use prosthetic breasts

Inner pockets on both sides - Place the prosthetic breast in a fixed position, made of breathable gauze, soft and breathable

Medical elastic materials - Increase support, prevent edema, breathable and comfortable

Shoulder strap - Choose a small sling, which becomes wider as the size increases, effectively supports the prosthetic breast and reduces the load on the shoulders, and is tough, stretchable and adjustable to prevent the prosthetic breast from shifting.


  1. The price listed above is for one bust.
  2. Please leave the size and color of the required medical bra in the "Order Notes".
5733X - Anita Care Womens Miss Ribbon Wire-free Post Mastectomy Bra

  • Smooth foam cups and a cheerful ribbon design of contrasting colors ensures you with all-round wearing comfort.
  • Soft tulle pockets on both sides feel particularly gentle on the skin and provide secure hold for silicone breast forms.
  • Cups with smooth air-permeable breast form pockets on both sides made of airy microfibre tulle.
  • Adjustable straps increasing with size range.
  • 4-position hook and eye fastener, strong power net fabric.

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