Anova - Culinary Precision Vacuum Sealer Food Vacuum Machine|Vacuum Sealing Machine ANVS01-UK00

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Extremely fast vacuum and long-lasting sealing

Perfectly paired with the faster, stronger and slimmer Anova Precision® Cooker, the Anova Precision® Vacuum Sealer can pump air in seconds and simultaneously seal the food bag with a powerful seal, creating the ideal slow cooking vacuum bag for the best preparation for Sous Vide cooking; Moreover, the design is lightweight, so no matter how small the kitchen is, there is still room for storage.

  1. One-click vacuuming and sealing
  2. Independent sealing and segmented vacuuming functions, suitable for different vacuum bags
  3. Lightweight and easy to store

product specifications

  • Product model: ANVS01-UK00
  • Rated power: 80W
  • Product size/weight: 425x122x80mm/1.04kg
  • Packaging size/weight: 470x145x85mm/1.65kg
  • Product Origin: China
  • Product material: plastic
  • Power plug: British three-pin plug

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