Qing Hui antibacterial and insect repellent all-purpose cleaner (600ml)

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✓ Cleaning, insect-proofing, sterilizing, and scenting all at once.

✓ Plant extract ingredients are the most safe

✓ You can safely let children and pets sit, lie down and play at home.

✓ Passed inspection by a third impartial unit

✓ The repellent effect lasts for 24 hours

✓ Antibacterial effect reaches 99.99%.

✓ Extracts "lemon eucalyptus", an effective insect repellent ingredient recognized by the US FDA

✓ Ecocert natural certified surfactant

✓ Wipe and clean floors, tabletops, sinks, sinks, cabinets, kitchen sinks, furniture, etc.

✓ Easily drive away pests, leaving you with a comfortable and bright clean space.

Purpose: Clean floors, tabletops, sinks, sinks, furniture and other home environments.

Scope of application: wood, ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, plastic and other materials.


Method 1: For special stains, apply directly to the stained area and use with a wet mop and damp cloth.

Method 2: Dilute 250 times for general cleaning - for use, add 1 bottle cap (20cc) to a 5-liter bucket. After dilution, use it for wiping furniture or mopping the floor. You can also adjust it according to the concentration of odor that is acceptable to you.

Main ingredients: pure water, coconut oil alcohol, soda, citronella essential oil, citronella essential oil, bergamot essential oil, citrus essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil.

Storage method: Please keep in a cool place

Shelf life: 3 years

Capacity: 600ml

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