Ataraina - OiSHi Portable Air Purifier + Aroma Diffuser - Yellow

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The Japanese-made OiSHi air purifier + aromatherapy machine filters fine dust. Remove bacteria and viruses. Natural aromatherapy release

Compared with other air purifiers, the OiSHi air purifier releases negative ions and uses a built-in fan and patented filter element to filter very fine dust, bacteria and viruses in the air. The most special one can blow out the scent of aromatherapy. The special essential oil capsule Organic Lavender Oil has natural ingredients and is suitable for pregnant women and children!

Durable and portable, the proprietary air filter uses only static electricity to remove pollen and PM 1.0 pollutants. Built-in electrostatic filter can collect very fine dust and release 2 million negative ions per cubic centimeter. The built-in fan removes bacteria and viruses in the air. Inhale the purifier, and then release the essential oil capsules dedicated to healthy air through the filter. While filtering, it releases the relaxing fragrance essential oil ingredient Organic Lavender Oil. It is all natural and suitable for pregnant women and children. Obtained IFRA International Fragrance Association Statement. Each charge is approximately It can be used for 2 hours or connected to a power bank. It can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors.
The USB charging diameter is about 10 cm and the weight is only 85 grams

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