Bitplay - M52 Starburst Filter (only suitable for HD high-end lenses)

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M52 starburst filter (only applicable to HD high-end lenses)

[M52 Starburst Filter Specifications]
- Only applicable to the new HD high-end lens series
- Threads: M52mm
- Dimension: 55mm (Ø) x 6.5 mm (H)
- Weight: 10.1g (for lens only. without other accessories)

M52 polarizing filter package contents:
- M52 starburst filter x 1
- Square storage hard box x 1

**Filter adapter ring needs to be purchased separately

[ Precautions]
※ This product is only suitable for bitplay’s latest HD high-end lens series.
※ When used on iPhone Xs and Xs Max, due to the large lens angle, the four corners will be darkened.

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