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Krinder uses an Italian-made grinding core, and the careful cutter design ensures that the coffee beans can be chopped accurately without being crushed, thus maintaining the original flavor of the coffee. There are a total of 8 grinding gears, and there is no problem at all from coffee grinding to coffee powder. It can be said that grinding size and consistency are the two most important factors for brewing perfect coffee in various styles.

  • Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easy to grind any type of beans.
  • The internal round design of the Jar prevents any coffee grounds from remaining and is suitable for all styles of coffee.
  • The world's lightest metal coffee grinder, it can easily grind small groups of coffee powder.
  • Features a maintenance-free sliding bearing system that produces consistent grind sizes for all styles of coffee.
  • Using Italian professional metal burrs, the coffee beans are chopped without being crushed.
  • The handle is very easy to attach and detach, and is simple to use, weighing only 295g.


  • First remove the handle from the Krinder and then open the upper cover.
  • Use the handle clockwise (fine) or counterclockwise (coarse) to adjust the grinding coarseness.
  • The adjustment pointer needs to be accurately aligned with the grinding pulley numbers.
  • Add whole coffee beans. (not more than 30 grams), and then put the handle on the shaft head.
  • Pull the handle horizontally until the handle tightens around the shaft head.
  • You can start turning the handle to grind the coffee beans to the ideal powder.

Why choose Cafflano Krinder?

  • GRIND EASILY: Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easier to grind any type of beans. The Jar's internal round design keeps all residue free.
  • Espresso (30g capacity, enough for two coffee lovers): Arguably, grind size and consistency are the two most important factors in brewing the perfect coffee in any style. Espresso, pour-over or French brew/cold brew.
  • Intuitive and easy grind setup: easy-to-track numbered adjustment wheels. Simply turn it clockwise (finer) or counterclockwise (coarser) to change the grind size with or without a handle.
  • The world’s lightest metal burr grinder: only 295g
  • A good hand grinder should produce consistent grind sizes and be suitable for all styles of coffee. Typical hand grinders try to achieve this by adding more components (such as rolling bearings) to the metal casing and body structure, but this often results in larger tolerance gaps and higher component costs, resulting in higher price tags. Significance.

Product specifications:
  • Weight: 295g
  • Dimensions: (200×100×200)mm
  • Place of production: Made in South Korea

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