cycop - NONSTOP 2.0 all-weather waterproof socks [short tube] | All-terrain weather-resistant socks | Water-repellent | Anti-fouling | Dust-proof - White/Light Gray (S size)

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color: gray/white
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  • Innovative three-proof surface: water-repellent, stain-proof and dust-proof
  • The most down-to-earth pair of socks : you are not afraid of stepping on many terrains. They are both socks and another pair of casual shoes.
  • Breathable material : not only waterproof, but also breathable to make you feel refreshed and comfortable Protect your feet at the same time
  • Friendly and environmentally friendly, no coating is used for waterproofing
  • Unique film enhances coverage and is durable 
  • The wet anti-slip pattern on the sole of the socks makes every step light
  • Not only does it prevent slipping, it also provides elastic cushioning for bare feet.
  • Super deodorizing bamboo charcoal yarn It’s light to carry and can be worn throughout your journey without any burden.
  • A variety of ways to wear it to suit your needs / slash color-hopping design, easy to wear

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