Double Clean - Wireless self-cleaning, self-drying, antibacterial, dry and wet sweeping and mopping vacuum cleaner | Fully automatic | Floor scrubber | Dry and wet dual-use VW2101

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It can be vacuumed and mopped once, leaving no water stains or bending down, and self-cleaning with just one click.

The roller brush is quickly heated and self-cleaning to prevent the roller brush from becoming moldy and smelly.

The water-absorbing design on the water tank prevents dripping and clogging, and the thoughtful details make it more worry-free.

It mops the floor 2,500 times per minute and has 12,500Pa super suction power to wash away stubborn stains.

Separate wet and dry garbage, no need to sort, no dirty hands, no clogging of toilets and sewers.

The entire air duct is blocked and alarms to prevent secondary pollution of the fuselage. The ports are precisely monitored, and the air ducts, roller brushes, air inlets, sewage tanks and filters all have monitoring reminders, making machine cleaning more scientific and comprehensive.

Clean crevices and corners with a 2-in-1 roller brush and professional anti-hand brushing.

Running water will wash the floor cleaner, and you can wash the mop while mopping.

Intelligent Cantonese voice interaction function and voice prompt operation make it easy to get started.

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