Dr. Spine - American Dr. Spine multifunctional lumbar pillow

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It was developed based on Dr. Spine’s many years of experience in treating patients with low back pain. The height and streamlined shape are ergonomic and suitable for people of any age. The lumbar pillow is specially made of memory foam, which can be naturally fine-tuned according to the weight and body shape of different people.

Support the waist, reduce waist and back pressure, and prevent low back pain from the root cause. Long-term use can reduce muscle tightness in the low back and help maintain the natural curve of the waist. It is recommended to use it for 10-15 minutes a day to maintain waist support. Ergonomic lumbar pillow specially uses memory foam. Naturally fine-tuned to suit different people's weights and body types

1. Product size

2. Product Principle: Lie down for 10 minutes every day to stretch the lumbar spine. Severe low back pain will be greatly relieved as the lumbar spine muscles relax.

3. The biggest feature is its therapeutic effect. It not only relieves low back pain, but also restores our lumbar spine to its normal curvature. When you lie on it, you can feel the feeling of the lumbar spine being stretched and elongated. The curvature is just right!

4. Suitable objects

People with lumbar disc herniation, scoliosis, frequent sitting, standing, walking, lifting heavy objects, lumbar strain, and those who are concerned about waist health, etc.

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