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  • Wireless design, eliminating the hassle of wires
  • Quick heating to help you save time on styling
  • Three-stage temperature control, can be changed according to needs
  • Lightweight design, easy to carry and store
  • There is a serrated comb on the side, which can clip and comb the hair at the same time, and the straightening effect is more obvious.

Whether you have straight or curly hair, you want to create different hairstyles

All you need is a hair straightener, the Dr.
Wireless design allows you to clip your hair without interference from wires
Provides three levels of temperature control, allowing users to adjust according to their own hair texture and style.
It also has rapid heating to help users process hair in a short time.
There is a serrated comb on the side of the heating plate, which can clip and comb the hair at the same time, making the hair straightening effect more significant.
The hair straightener itself is lightweight, easy to carry when going out, and hassle-free to store.
If you want to manage your hair easily, Dr.

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