Dretec - OX-102 pulse oximeter|fingertip type|blood oxygen meter|finger clip type|blood oxygen measurement|heart rate monitoring|oximeter

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Dretec OX-102 Pulse Oximeter is a medical device that can help you check your physical condition. It is used to measure the percentage of oxygen in the blood. It is easy to operate and can easily measure blood oxygen content (SpO2) and pulse with just your fingers, and provides alarms. Function. Small size and easy to carry. It is really a must-have product for outdoor activities.

  • Check physical condition and measure blood oxygen percentage
  • Easy to operate and provides alarm function
  • 4-way switching display allows easy viewing of the screen from any direction
  • Small size and easy to carry
  • Switchable pulse waveform mode (2 types)
  • Display the last measured value

  • Product size: W60×D34×H33mm​
  • Product weight: about 25g
  • Measuring range: SpO2: 35%~99%
  • Measurement accuracy SpO2: 70%~99%: ±2%
  • Pulse beat: 30bpm~100bpm ±2bpm; 100bpm~250bpm ±2%
  • Measuring method: 2-wavelength absorbance method

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