Indonesian Eagle Brand GPU Active Oil (60ml)

Three options available: GPU Ginger Massage Oil
Sale price$68.00


・Three types to choose from: ginger oil, citronella oil, nutmeg oil

・The taste is fresh, refreshing, easy to absorb, and not sticky.

・Can be added to baby oil to replace general SPA massage oil, or directly applied to required areas for massage.

・PS: Do not use this product for children under two years old.

・PS: Eagle Brand Active Oil contains trace amounts of camphor and should not be used if you have favismia.

GPU Ginger Massage Oil (Jahe/Ginger)

Contains ginger oil, which is beneficial for improving blood circulation, reducing colds, relieving muscle and joint pain, and has carminative properties, i.e. soothing gas and bloating.

GPU Lemongrass Massage Oil (Sereh / Lemongrass)

Contains Citronella Oil to help relieve fatigue and aches, joint pain, sprains, back pain and rheumatism, and protect against insect bites. Citronella oil can also be used as aromatherapy.

GPU Nutmeg Massage Oil (Pala/Nutmeg)

Nutmeg oil helps relieve fatigue and aches, rheumatic symptoms, and joint pain. The aroma of nutmeg can also help relieve stress and relax by stretching tense nerves.

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