ELDERJOY - Super Size Adult Diapers (10pcs) (M/L-XL)

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super absorbent layer

It adopts a mixed polymer absorbent and fluffy pulp absorption structure, which can absorb and coagulate quickly and fully, ensuring anti-seepage and anti-leakage.

Soft and dry textile surface

The surface layer is soft and breathable, preventing rewetting and keeping the skin dry and natural.

Loose and tight re-attachment area at will

Unique loose and tight re-pasting area, can be pasted multiple times, convenient to use.

Fantastic piss show

The "urine wetness display pattern" that is instantly visible when exposed to water helps you take care of it easily and saves the inconvenience of repeated disassembly and inspection.

Specially designed leak-proof area edge (Gold and Supreme)

The edge of the leak-proof pressure line is specially designed, and the built-in super strong absorber can prevent leaks.

【Product Specifications】


Medium: 30-45" (76-114cm)

Large to XL: 40-63" (102-140cm)

Moisture absorption

Medium size: 3000cc

Large to XL: 3000cc

【Packing specification】

Medium Size: 10 pieces per pack

Large size: 10 pieces per pack


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