Emay Plus - Warm and cold detoxifying massager|Beauty instrument|Beauty heart EP-409

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"Warm and Cold Detoxifying Massager" (also known as "Beautiful Heart") not only has the heating and vibration functions that are popular among users, which can accelerate blood circulation and enhance essence absorption, but also has a new freezing function, which can reduce the appearance of eyesight. It can reduce swelling of the skin, tighten pores, and relieve sensitive redness.

  • Equipped with warming (42℃-46℃) and vibration functions to help speed up blood circulation and enhance essence absorption;
  • It also has a special freezing function (13℃-15℃), which can reduce swelling, shrink pores, and relieve sensitive redness.
  • The extra-large double-wave machine head is used to closely follow the contours of the face and various parts of the body. With a vibration frequency of up to 8,500 times per minute, it starts from the face and then targets the lymphatic and acupoint reflection areas of the body to enjoy a private lymphatic detoxification massage.
  • From now on, you can easily beautify your skin, reshape your V-face, restore your beautiful eyes and maintain a healthy and light body at home.

Product functions/features:

  • Effectively detoxifies and clears lymph nodes, tightens skin, enhances facial contours, and reduces fine lines​
  • "Thermal energy" mode accelerates blood circulation and skin metabolism, helping to preserve collagen and repair proliferation.
  • "Freezing" mode helps drain swelling, shrink pores, reduce dark circles and calm redness and sensitivity
  • "Thermal energy" and "vibration" effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the lips and corners of the mouth, and reshape the firm V-face
  • "Freezing" and "vibration" effectively improve eye and facial sagging, and relieve mild redness and swelling caused by collisions
  • Helps relax body muscles, smooth lymphatic flow in various parts, and promote gastrointestinal motility • Vibration frequency 8,500 times/minute
  • USB charging design, small and lightweight, easy to carry

Functional mode:

  • In "Thermal" mode, the red indicator light of the button is on.
  • "Thermal energy + vibration" mode, the red and green indicator lights of the button are on.
  • In "freezing" mode, the blue indicator light of the button is on.
  • In "Freezing + Vibration" mode, the blue and green indicator lights of the button are on.

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