Peruvian Black Diamond Maca Capsules

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Increased Desire Enhanced Performance

Peruvian Ginseng Men's Gift Black Diamond Maca

Wild "Maca" grows in the Andes Mountains of Peru in South America. It is a cruciferous plant with rich nutrients and is known as "Peruvian ginseng". The nutritional value and efficacy of Peruvian wild Maca are better than artificially grown ones. It is regarded as the holy nourishment for men in the world and has the title of "National Treasure of Peru". Maca is mainly divided into four categories based on color, namely black Maca, purple Maca, yellow Maca, and white Maca. The darker the color, the better the quality. Among them, the black Maca is more precious and rare, and it is the best among Maca.

"Peruvian Black Diamond Maca for Men" uses the top black diamond Maca imported from Peru, and uses new technology to extract 15 times the high-concentration essence, which fundamentally solves the problems of men's exhaustion, powerlessness, weakness and weakness, and quickly restores physical strength, making you Motivated all the time.



🔶 Enhance desire, improve performance

🔶Enhance hardness for long-lasting performance

🔶 Eliminate fatigue and restore energy

🔶 Promote metabolism, delay aging


Suitable for:

People with reduced function, people with poor health, people with high stress, people in menopause


Packaging: 90 capsules per box

Usage: 1 time a day, 3 capsules each time

(Children and pregnant women are not suitable for consumption. If in doubt, please consult a doctor.)

Place of Production: Peru

*The effect of the product may vary from person to person

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