EVGULA Japanese brand Mite-free Cleaning Spray (330ml)

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Do you often suffer from acne, itchy skin, oily face, and red spots on your back?

It may be mites that are invisible to the naked eye.

And it is impractical to rely on frequent cleaning or solar fire to dry clothes with little effect!

The newly upgraded antibacterial mite removal spray (white peach fragrance) is a Japanese brand

Gentle formula (Japanese natural sulfur hot spring essence, phytoncine, etc.)

It can deeply remove mites, and it is non-washing and sun-free, non-marking and quick-drying

【Product information】


Product Name: Defilling Spray

Capacity: 330ml

Ingredients: nano-sulfur, phytoncine, deionized water, etc.

Scope: Household mite removal, pet mite removal

made in China


・If it gets into your eyes or mouth accidentally during the trial, please wash it with plenty of water or seek medical attention immediately

・Keep it out of the reach of children, please seal it after use, so as not to affect the next use

・Prohibit direct sunlight

・It is normal for the liquid to be yellowish, please use it with confidence!

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