FLEXTAILGEAR - MAX REPEL Portable Outdoor Mosquito Repellent|Emergency Power Supply|Electric Mosquito Repellent

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  • 360-degree comprehensive outdoor protection
  • Double-sided heating structure design
  • Two modes, all-round protection
  • Tent mode: 135°C/13 hours mosquito repellent protection
  • Outdoor mode: 165°C/7 hours mosquito repellent protection
  • Compact and portable, can be used anywhere
  • Outdoor emergency power supply supports charging of mobile phones, IPAD and other devices
  • Outdoor IP65 waterproof design, rain or shine

*This product does not include electric mosquito sheets

* Most electric mosquito sheets on the market can be used (the size of the mosquito sheets that can be placed is about H: 2cm XW: 4cm)

Portable and ultra-light
Maxrepel is a professional outdoor portable mosquito repellent that is super compact and can be hung anywhere to provide you with comprehensive anti-mosquito protection and weighs only 210 grams.

Environmentally Friendly Unlike previous portable outdoor mosquito repellents, MaxRepel does not require fire to activate. On the contrary, its electric heating working principle is more environmentally friendly and does not require expensive consumables;

Camping Mode To activate Flextailgear max repel, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to enter camp mode, the indicator light will turn green. Press the power button again to turn off the mosquito repellent. Camping mode works for 13 hours on a full charge and covers a 10-foot diameter range.

Outdoor Mode Press the power button again to enter outdoor mode, and the indicator light turns red. Press the power button again to turn off FLEXTAILGEAR max repel. Outdoor mode can work for 7 hours after a full charge and covers a 30-foot diameter range.

Waterproofing The outdoor environment is always unpredictable. The biggest rejection is IP65 waterproofing. So, whether it gets caught in the rain, gets accidentally splashed, or even falls into a puddle, the Flextailgear electronic insect repeller won’t suffer from a water short circuit.

Max Repel gives you 360° protection After many tests, Max repel has launched an exclusive mosquito repellent pad that is far superior to other mosquito repellent pads on the market. Additionally, the repellent pads are double-sided heat activated.

Type C Charging & Ultra-Long Battery Life Built-in 9600mAh large-capacity lithium-ion battery, Max repel can be used as an emergency mobile power supply.

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