Future Lab - Pressure Pump2 energy storage inflator | Portable air pump | Tire air pump | Air pump | Bicycle wheels | Wheels | Ball supplies | Flashlight

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Future Lab’s PressurePump2 energy storage inflator has finally launched its second generation🎉

The second-generation energy-storage inflator has a maximum output pressure of 150 PSI and is suitable for car tires 🛞, bicycle tires 🚲, and various ball games ⚽ and swimming pools 🏄🏻‍♂️ inflatable products

Super simple operation interface, intelligent sensing of tire pressure

Provides automatic and manual pressure control modes

The only IPX6 fully waterproof device on the market💦

Small size and lightweight design🤏🏻, can fill empty car tires in one go

USB rechargeable design, supported by mobile power supply

High pressure resistance shell, side flashlight emergency lighting 🔦 so you don’t have to worry about using it at night

Comes with five major accessories to meet various applications in life

  • Size: 6.6x6.6x18.1cm
  • Weight:550g
  • Battery specifications: Lithium battery 2000mAh / 7.4V
  • Maximum inflation voltage: 150 PSI / 10.3 BAR
  • Product material: ABS, lithium battery

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