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Future Lab has been selling the ultimate anti-blue light dual-purpose hanging lamp - T-Lamp, which has just launched a special edition, co-produced by Taiwan's famous Youtuber Qutin, called Earl Gray Milk Brown!

After two blue light filter layers and L36W bulb 💡, the blue light level can be reduced to 0%. Staying up late at night💻 or playing video games🎮 can reduce eye pain and discomfort, and special light sources can be used to absorb the harmful blue light emitted by the same refractive screen🖥️ to reduce the risk of myopia👓.

T-Lamp has two usage modes: hanging lamp and table lamp.

Desk lamps can improve the problem of traditional desk lamps taking up space and hurting the eyes.

Hanging a lamp to place a screen🖥️ does not reflect light, effectively avoiding glare problems, blocking blue-violet light and reducing eye strain🤓, so whether you are watching a screen or reading a book📖, you can protect your eyes.


  • A more efficient and safe lighting experience​
  • Dual deformation design allows you to enjoy screen hanging lamp/eye protection desk lamp at the same time
  • Freely switch usage scenarios, three-stage color temperature to switch between night light and reading light in one second
  • 180-degree angle adjustment to meet your daily needs
  • USB Type-C power supply, suitable for various device scenarios

Product specifications:

  • Product size: 465 x 146 x 48.5mm (folded) / 465 x 390 x 89mm (open)
  • Weight: 760±10g
  • USB head specifications: USB Type-C
  • Bulb: L36W bulb
  • Color temperature: yellow light 3000k, warm white light 4500k, white light 6000k
  • Brightness adjustment (five levels): touch control
  • Adjustment angle: 180 degrees
  • Power input: 5V2A rated
  • Power: 5-10W
  • Luminous flux: 350-450lm
  • Product illumination: 100-1100lux
  • Product material: aluminum alloy, ABS

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