Govo - Lightweight ID Card Holder - Blue

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Lightweight document and card holder two-in-one

1. Card holder & wallet 2-in-1: It can store 1-4 cards so you can also use it as a wallet.
2. Easy to carry: This card holder/wallet can be worn with a lanyard or clip on your belt, pocket, keychain, backpack, etc.
3. The card holder is made of manganese steel and fixed to the bracket with steel fasteners.
4. Steel spring card pop-up fixing system: can hold 1 card or 4 cards
5. The screen has a high degree of transparency: graphical codes, photos or small texts can be clearly seen from the screen.
6. Anti-scratch design: The raised bits on the inner screen prevent cards from scratching on the inside of the screen.

Dimensions: 12.7 x 8.89 x 2cm
Weight: 36.85g

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