Hario - V60 Ceramic Filter Cup Coffee Maker Set (1-2 Cups) - Lanmei Brown 01

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Hario V60 has always been one of the must-have equipment for many coffee drinkers. This time, it newly launched "Wu Xu Color" and "Lan Mei Tea". Two Japanese kimono limited colors hand brewing set including filter cup, pouring pot and filter paper. The best one-stop package for beginners. Convenient and accentuated, the color is very eye-catching! ! !

Lanmei Brown 01 Ceramic Filter Cup Coffee Pot Set Hand Brewing Set (1-2 Cups)

  • The set includes: Lanmei Tea Color 01 filter cup + Lanmei Tea Color 01 coffee pot + 100 sheets of V60 original color 01 filter paper
  • Dimensions: Approximately 160 long x 130 wide x 220 mm high
  • Capacity: 1-2 cups/450ML
  • Material: Filter cup-body: ceramic, measuring spoon: PP/lower pot-body: heat-resistant glass, upper cover. Handle: PP/paper
  • Country of production: Japan
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