Hayaku Opus Small Same-Screen Projector

Sale price$998.00


product introduction

The Hayaku Opus mini projector does not take up much space and can stably output clear picture quality anytime, anywhere. The lightweight design can be placed anywhere in the home, and the built-in screen-to-screen function allows you to enjoy a cinema-level super-large projection screen in the room with just one click. The lumens are high enough, so you can watch it day and night!


- Support 1080P high-definition playback, quality assurance
- Built-in same-screen function, easy to connect mobile phones/tablets/computers and other devices
- Built-in speakers, you can watch dramas instantly without plugging in speakers
- ~1000 lumens, clear images during day and night
- Lightweight design, weighing only 0.5kg, easy to carry
- Also supports HDMI/SD/Micro SD/AV/USB/TF card multiple input functions, game console playback

product configuration

Imaging technology: TFT LCD
Physical Resolution: 800 X 480
Support resolution: 1920 X 1080
Light source: LED
Projection distance: 1.2 - 5m
Projection Ratio: 1.62:1
Screen Ratio: 16:9
Input interface: HDMI / USB / Micro SD / AV / Micro USB
Output interface: headphone Product net weight: 0.5KG
Product size: 117.8 X 133.4 X 94.9mm
Power supply: Adapter 12V - 2.5A

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