Qinghui antibacterial, insect repellent and flea all-purpose cleaner 600ML (for cats and families)

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Clean, insect-proof, sterilizing, aromatic, safe 5in1
Clean every corner of your home with Qing Hui's antibacterial, insect repellent and flea all-purpose cleaner. It provides a natural protection mechanism and strengthens the defense function of the home environment. * Effectively repels fleas, cockroaches, ants and other pests. * Plant extract ingredients are the most reassuring - more than 10 times the mosquito repellent effect of DEET. "Nepeta catnip (also known as catnip)". Effective insect and flea repellent ingredient "Lavender". "Geranium" is known as a natural anti-mosquito tree.
*Gentle cleaning and non-irritating - uses Ecocert natural certified surfactant *Safe and non-toxic - does not contain any harmful substances such as DEET *SGS antibacterial rate is 99.99%, no need to wipe with water
Purified water, coconut oil alcohol, soda, Nepeta essential oil, geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil.

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