Herbs- Propolis Pills (60 capsules)

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Herbal Propolis Pills

🔶 Efficacy

99.9% antibacterial ^ strong immunity. clear acne

Increase anti-sensitivity and anti-disease antibodies to prevent colds

Prevent acne bacteria from producing and prevent acne

🔶 Suitable for people


People who suffer from acne

immunocompromised persons

Night sleepers / sleep deprived people

People who often feel tired and are prone to exogenous diseases

🔶 capacity

60 softgels per box, 760mg per capsule

🔶 place of manufacture


🔶 Main ingredients

100% Natural Propolis Extract* Capsules Contain Trace Soy

🔶 Usage

2 capsules per day, 1 capsule each time (before meals)

product introduction

99.9% antibacterial ^. Strong immunity against acne

Analysis of the precious components of Caoji Propolis Pills:

①Flavonoids (antibacterial and disease-resistant|enhance skin immunity):

  • Known as a natural antibiotic, it is effective in antibacterial and antiviral, and accelerates the body's recovery ability
  • Can activate macrophages, phagocytize bacteria invading the body, increase antibodies, and enhance immunity
  • Can reduce acne-forming bacteria, strengthen the skin barrier, accelerate the healing of acne wounds, and reproduce acne-free skin

② Organic acid (antibacterial and antibacterial|improve immunity):

  • Contains a variety of organic acids: monophenolic acid, bisphenolic acid, caffeic acid, coumarinic acid
  • Has a very high antioxidant effect, eliminates free radicals in the body, purifies the body, and accelerates the effect of killing acne
  • Effectively kill foreign bacteria, improve immunity in the body, and achieve anti-allergic effects

③Terpenes (detoxification and antibacterial|endocrine regulation):

  • Resist foreign bacteria, viruses and tumor cells, improve self-healing ability in the body
  • Play antibacterial and antibacterial effects, improve protection ability, and reduce the chance of acne formation
  • Remove accumulations on the inner wall of blood vessels, improve blood circulation, regulate endocrine, and remove toxins

④ minerals. Trace elements (promote metabolism | speed up recovery):

  • Relax parasympathetic nerves, play an anti-stress effect, and eliminate fatigue
  • Regulate physiological functions, resist the invasion of foreign bacteria, and improve physical fitness
  • Contains vitamin B, promotes body metabolism, accelerates body recovery, strengthens skin immune level, and gets rid of acne-prone skin

99.9% antibacterial ^. Strong immunity. Clear acne and build a double defense for the body

Layer 1: Strengthen the immune defense line | Layer 2: Strengthen the skin barrier to reduce the chance of acne formation

Herbal propolis pills are not only 99.9% effective in antibacterial^. Acne clearing and detoxification can prevent the skin from being infected and damaged by bacteria, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, reduce acne-forming bacteria, promote cell regeneration, accelerate the healing of acne wounds, and make the skin regain acne-free skin! In addition, it contains more than 35 kinds of flavonoids, a variety of rich organic acids, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. The activation of macrophages can swallow bacteria that invade the body, relieve cold symptoms, quickly relieve throat discomfort, and increase antibodies for the body. , to speed up the body's self-healing ability, especially suitable for people with prone to acne and acne skin to replace antibiotics.

In addition, it has passed the "Australian Government TGA Quality Control" and "Hong Kong Government Approved Testing" products. As long as you take 2 capsules a day, you can build a double defense shield - strengthen immunity, anti-acne and antibacterial, resist external aggression, so as to improve your disease-prone physique and get rid of acne-prone skin!

Propolis VS Antibiotics:

Are you still on antibiotics? Notice! endangering health

I often stay up all night without getting sick, and my self-healing power is better

Makeup artist Joyce*: "After taking the propolis pills, I feel that my spirit is not so easy to lose, and my resistance is better, so I am not so easy to get sick. From early morning to early morning, it is not a problem to help customers stay the most beautiful for a day!"

Resistance UP, disease resistance is super effective

Catty*, a girl from Taiwan: "Every time I get sick, I just take antibiotics hastily, but it recurs a few days later! After taking Caoji propolis pills for a month, even if others get sick, I don't get infected easily. I feel that my resistance is much better. !"

Fighting acne for three years and getting results in 1 month

User Kate*: "Acne has been bothering me for almost three years. I kept on taking 2 capsules of propolis propolis every day. After one month, I slowly saw that my skin began to improve. The skin has no acne on the left side, and it has become better. Shiny left, so happy!! 」

Solve physiological acne and recover quickly

User Kay*: "On the eve of my menstrual period, I occasionally get acne on my cheeks and forehead, and it is difficult to recover every time. After eating a box of Caoji Propolis Pills , the acne recovery speed is twice as fast as before. Really It’s a gift of beauty!”

The anti-acne principle of Caoji Propolis Pills: 2 capsules per day to quickly get rid of acne-prone skin

Daily 2+1: Take 2 grass-ji propolis pills daily + apply 1 propolis essence at night, acne will disappear faster!

Caoji propolis pills contain more than 35 types of flavonoids, which can prevent skin infection and damage, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, accelerate metabolism, effectively eliminate acne bacteria, reduce acne formation, accelerate acne wound healing, resist External aggression, let the skin regain the acne-free state! If you want to improve mask acne and strengthen the effect of eliminating acne, you can take 2 capsules of propolis propolis pills daily , and apply 1 capsule of propolis essence on the acne-affected area at night, the acne will disappear faster, so as to get rid of acne-prone skin!

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