HIGEEN - No-Rinse Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 50ml (Contains 70% Alcohol) - Random Fragrance

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HIGEEN no-rinse alcohol hand sanitizer!
Contains 70% alcohol! Effective sterilization up to 99%! Sterilize and protect skin at the same time!

- No need to wash, simply rub and clean your hands anytime, anywhere!
- Contains 70% alcohol! Effectively kills 99% of viruses!
- Efficient and convenient, rub it for 10 seconds to kill pathogenic bacteria!
- Quick-drying and non-sticky, applicable scenarios: going out, before meals, at home, etc.!
- Contains no irritating ingredients, cleans quickly and does not harm the skin!
- Added vitamins and glycerin to sterilize and protect skin at the same time!
- Extract natural emollient ingredients to deeply moisturize the skin!
- The No.1 disinfection and sterilization brand in the Middle East, selling well in 40 countries around the world!
- Famous disinfection brand with a long history of 50 years! Confidence guaranteed!

Product specification capacity: 50ml
Fragrance: Random Ingredients: ethanol, glycerin, vitamins, etc. Shelf life: 3 years Origin: Jordan Function: Sterilize and disinfect, nourish the skin, no need to wash

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