Qinghui natural multi-functional anti-cockroach and ant cleaning spray (500ml)

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✓ Taiwan Environmental Sanitation Drug and Pest Control No. 108102101

✓ Approved for listing by the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency, safe, effective and environmentally friendly

✓ A good helper to prevent cockroaches and ants

✓ Extracted compound essential oils such as lemongrass, citrus, lemon, and eucalyptus, with a refreshing and comfortable smell

✓ Does not contain any toxic substances such as DEET, safe ingredients, safe to use


1. Can be sprayed directly on pests; 2. Sprayed in places where pests often hang out; the spray can also be sprayed on cotton, toilet paper (to avoid evaporation) and in corners, gaps and other places where they may crawl.

Purpose: Prevent cockroaches and ants

Storage method: Please keep in a cool place

Shelf life: 2 years

Capacity: 500ml

Active ingredients and content:

Citronella Oil: 5.16%w/w

Eucalyptus Oil: 4.50%w/w


Q1: Can I use "Qinghui Natural Anti-cockroach and Ant Spray" for favisiasis?

A1: Medical literature points out that there are many substances that patients with favismia need to avoid contact with: 1. Mint products: Chewing gum, Mentholatum, green oil essence, white flower oil, muscle or mouthwash may contain mint, so be careful. 2. Camphor products: camphor balls, wintergreen oil, natural camphor products will not cause hemolysis, but attention should be paid to synthetic camphor products. "Qinghui Natural Anti-Cockroach and Ant Spray" extracts natural essential oils such as lemongrass and does not contain mint or camphor. However, everyone's symptoms are different. It is recommended to consult a professional doctor before use.

Q2: Can the range of pet activities be used?

A2: 1. Dogs can use it (the spray is alkaline, please avoid eating it and contacting the skin) 2. Cats may be allergic to natural essential oils such as lemongrass and eucalyptus. It is recommended to ask a professional doctor before use or not to use it on cats. Used within the scope of activities

Q3: How to use Qinghui Natural Anti-cockroach and Ant Spray?

A3: 1. You can spray directly on cockroaches and ants. 2. Spray in places where pests often hang out, such as corners, drainage holes, etc. If you spray it on a place where you often walk, it is recommended to wipe it off within 1 hour after spraying. Since it contains extracted essential oils and natural surfactants, it will be slippery. If you spray it on a place where you often walk, wipe it off as soon as possible. It is easier to leave traces after a long time. It is recommended to spray it every day when you first start using it! Especially at night, turn off the lights and spray in places where cockroaches and ants often hang out before going to bed. You can also spray it on toilet paper and place it in the corner to make the smell last longer. If it is sprayed on frequently walked areas, or used on stainless steel, electroplated items, marble, natural stone, wooden furniture, items that are prone to corrosion and fading, please try to wipe it off within half an hour to prevent fading and peeling of the paint. Please test special materials in an inconspicuous place before use to prevent the paint from fading.

Q4: Do children need to wash their hands if they touch Qinghui Natural Anti-Ant and Cockroach Spray?

A4: If children crawl and play on the floor, it is recommended that you wipe it with a rag after spraying to avoid slipping. Since the spray is alkaline, it will be irritating on skin contact. If it comes into contact with a child's skin, it is recommended that the child wash their hands immediately.

Q5: Can Qinghui Natural Anti-ant and Cockroach Spray be used in gardening? Will it damage plants?

A5: The product is made of natural ingredients and uses the principle of alkalinity to kill cockroaches. Spray it directly around the potted plants. Too alkaline may make the potted plants intolerable. It is recommended that if you want to spray around potted plants, you should dilute the water 100 to 200 times before spraying.

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