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The pace of life in Hong Kong is fast, and men are faced with tedious work and heavy pressure. After working all day, they are very tired, resulting in lack of energy and motivation. Even doing "love" things with their partners is powerless. Coupled with the decline of vitality with age, even the desire for "love" gradually fades away, causing a rift between partners.

Japan's Sugo 10 series was developed to help men regain their glory, improve energy, motivation and strength, and save the happiness of their partners. The ultra-popular and popular national-level energy health care product made in Japan contains various natural ingredients that can help improve male physical function, restore the state of mind and strength, rediscover happiness, and make "love" more perfect.

Qi Shi helps you regain your glory! Explosive momentum!

What is Sugo 10? = Powerful ingredients!

"Sugo 10" (Sugo 10), which means "contains very good and powerful ingredients", will make you full of energy after drinking, full of energy in the morning and evening, so powerful that even your partner can't breathe. It is also the reason why Japanese men are strong and durable. After drinking Chiten, you will become stronger and stronger. You will be full of energy at work in the morning, and you will not be exhausted throughout the night. It is a national-level health care product that is popular among Japanese men!

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Qi Shi L Power Pill: Let you regain your glory, be strong, strong and durable!

Qishi L power pills are the best choice for you to replenish your body and improve your physical strength. The main ingredient is L-citrulline, which can help promote blood circulation, strengthen muscles, induce men's surging power and energy, maintain firmness and endurance, and make you more confident in raising your "head" in front of your partner! Long-term use can relieve fatigue, rejuvenate, and restore the charm of men!

Power Pills do not contain western medicine ingredients, safe and reliable, please rest assured to take.

Suggested method of use: 1 time a day, 4 capsules each time, take with warm water

Qishi MAX ENERGY Power Drink: Allows you to start at a high speed, grow and grow, and become stronger as you fight!

Chiju MAX ENERGY power drink - Japan's ace energy drink for men! Strictly select 13 kinds of natural male health ingredients, including maca, male root fruit, cobra, guarana, Korean ginseng, oyster, water fish, and Cistanche tuberosa extracts, etc., which can help men quickly improve their body functions, burst into surging power, and enhance their health. Endurance and strength allow you to show your best posture in front of your partner at any time! Instantly open and drink, the hardness, durability, and motivation are instantly MAX, and the more you fight, the stronger you become. Enjoy the ups and downs with your partner, and love more "deeply" and "into" when the love is strong.

The drink does not contain western medicine ingredients, so it is safe and reliable, so you can drink it with confidence.

Suggested method of use: 1-2 sticks per day, please shake well before drinking, especially suitable for drinking before sports/fierce battles.

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