iLife - V8 Plus 2-in-1 vacuum and wet mop robot | Robot vacuum cleaner | Sweeping robot

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As the high-end model of iLife, V8 Plus has intelligent route planning function. 750ML extra large dust collection box can clean more garbage in each operation. The bottom of the series is equipped with a main brush head for cleaner cleaning. The second generation motor has stronger suction power | Suitable for a variety of floors | Scheduled cleaning | Automatic return to charge | Remote control operation | Intelligent anti-collision and anti-fall | 120-minute battery life | Fast cleaning speed of 18 meters per minute | Electronic wall to set specific cleaning areas

Product Features Electronic wall sets specific cleaning areas to set specific cleaning areas so that the machine can avoid cleaning restricted areas. The effective transmission distance of infrared signals is up to 3 meters, and can be placed on walls such as kitchens and doors.

The intelligent cleaning system intelligently partitions the room, plans routes, and cleans in a bow-shaped pattern to avoid missed cleaning, while reducing repeated cleaning, saving time and electricity!

i-Dropping: Intelligent mopping system With the award-winning patented i-Dropping system, V8 Plus can precisely control the amount of water dispensed to mop the floor to prevent moisture damage to the floor.

The scheduled cleaning system can be scheduled at any time of the week, and V8 Plus will complete the cleaning plan on time.

Automatically return to charging
V8 Plus will automatically return to the charging base and charge when the battery is almost exhausted.

The 120-minute battery life can be used continuously for 120 minutes on a single charge. Japanese Nidec digital variable frequency motor, high-precision pure lead forging, small size, low energy consumption, long life of 16000rpm/min, while reducing noise.

Suitable for a variety of floor wood floors/floor tiles/carpets, etc... effortlessly.

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