INDICAID® Dialysis® Novel Coronavirus Rapid Screening [Taiwan EUA Brand]

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Updated to Taiwan EUA brand on May 13 (see the link below for details)

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Antigens present on the SARS-CoV-2 virus can usually be detected in the upper respiratory tract early in the infection and can be used as an indicator to detect the virus in the body.

Fast result: The test result can be obtained in only 20 minutes High sensitivity: Compared with other similar products, it can detect samples with lower virus content Simple operation: No need to use special professional equipment and instruments Locally developed and manufactured in Hong Kong


1. Open the package and take out the swab and test stick.
2. Tilt your head back, gently insert the cotton swab into the nostril (about an inch deep), and make 5 large circles along the inner wall of the nostril. Repeat the same steps in the other nostril.
3. The cap of the vial containing the test solution is divided into two parts, the upper half and the entire cap. Twist off the entire cap of the vial, then dip the swab in the test solution and turn the swab back and forth 20 times. Make sure that the tip of the swab is completely submerged in the solution while turning.
4. Tighten the cap tightly. Immediately proceed to steps 5-7.
5. Twist off the top half of the cap to reveal the drip-tip.
6. Hold the vial vertically over the circular opening on the test stick and squeeze 3 drops of the vial solution into the opening.
7. After 20 minutes at room temperature (not more than 25 minutes), check the test results. Please read the "How to Interpret Your Results" section below carefully.

Combination of ingredients

1 individually wrapped test stick, 1 bottle of test solution, 1 individually wrapped swab, 1 instruction for use

Quantity per piece


storage method

• This kit should be stored at a temperature between 2-30°C. Avoid direct sunlight

Please note

•This kit is for in vitro diagnostic use only •Do not make any medical-related decisions without first consulting a medical professional •All components contained in this kit should be kept sealed until use •Tests must be performed at Perform in an environment of 18-25°C • All parts are for one-time use only and cannot be reused • This kit should be stored at a temperature between 2-30°C. Avoid direct sunlight • Do not swallow or inhale any part of this test kit • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact, please rinse with clean water and seek help from medical staff Do not use expired kits

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