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[Zero burden on joints, heart and lungs! 】

"Whole-body vertical rhythm" is a kind of whole-body stimulation, based on the same principle as skipping. Through the force of gravity, 600 vertical movements per minute are achieved. The exercise efficiency exceeds 60 times per minute of skipping, achieving the effect of whole-body exercise from the outside to the inside. . Urban residents have limited housing space and may not be able to afford traditional exercise equipment such as treadmills, but they also have time to exercise! iNO astronaut rhythm motivation solves the time and space costs of daily exercise and supplements the benefits that ordinary exercise cannot achieve. On the vertical rhythm machine, for 15 minutes at a time, 4 times a day, you can catch up on dramas and talk to your family at the same time!

  • Not afraid of falling and twisting your feet
  • No need to go out, no need to take up space
  • Start exercising in three seconds
  • 600 vertical movements in 1 minute
  • No burden on the heart, lungs, joints and muscles

The homely exercise that changes the world - "Rhythm".

Working people sit for long periods of time every day and do not exercise enough, which not only easily leads to obesity, but also affects body functions. For the average elderly, they often have joint problems or insufficient muscle strength. They are prone to give up exercise due to pain during exercise, or are prone to falls and injuries. With the iNO Astronaut Rhythm Machine, you can stand still and achieve full-body exercise from the outside in, allowing you to enjoy health easily.
Over the past 40 years, many medical papers have confirmed that [rhythm] is the simplest, easiest and safest exercise. Certified by Taiwan's BSMI National Safety Electrical Test, Taiwan's iNO Astronaut Rhythm Machine stimulates the whole body through vertical rhythm of the whole body, just like the principle of skipping rope. Through gravity, it can perform 600 vertical movements in 1 minute, and the exercise efficiency exceeds 60 times per minute of skipping rope. It is the easiest and safest way to exercise to achieve the effect of whole-body exercise from the outside to the inside.

* Note that it is not suitable for use by: children under six years old, pregnant women, new mothers during confinement, people with bone or spinal fractures, people with epilepsy, people with acute inflammation and fever, patients after surgery, people who have received People with organ transplants, people with pacemakers or other medical devices, and people with hernias.

  • Low impact, zero burden on joints, heart and lungs
  • Suitable for busy modern people who have no time to exercise due to sitting and standing for long periods of time, as well as elders who are unable to actively exercise and are insufficiently active.
  • 15 minutes of whole-body vertical movement to easily replenish the amount of activity for the day
  • Can perform whole-body vertical rhythm within limited time and space, solving the time and space costs of daily exercise
  • Simple and safe passive exercise that can take care of the needs of all parts at once
  • Getting started with whole-body vertical rhythm allows the elderly to exercise easily and safely

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