Ionizo - 2-in-1 Portable Air Purifier + Smart Air Tester - Sakura Special Edition [Licensed in Hong Kong]

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The Japanese brand IONIZO smart air detection + air purifier adopts the latest technology and can intelligently test the air quality. As long as the air detection system is turned on, the LED color can be used to prompt changes in the surrounding air quality, and it will automatically release stronger negative ion protection. It is the only active negative ion sterilization protector currently on the market, which effectively fights bacteria, allergens and harmful gases. It is a solution for soothing nasal allergies!

Japan's IONIZO 2-in-1 portable air purifier + smart air testing machine has dual carbon fiber brushes that release more negative ions than the single-head carbon fiber brush on the market, releasing more than tens of millions of negative ions per second. The exclusively designed air testing system can be used with Color light effect, monitor the surrounding air quality. It has just passed the Japan FIA Association certification in 2019. The PM2.5 removal rate reaches 99.9%. It strictly requires sterilization performance. The thoughtful double design of neckband and back clip can meet the needs of different situations. It can be placed in children's schoolbags and strollers.
Safe and reliable, the product has just passed multinational certifications in 2019: SGS CE, SGS negative ion test, UN38.3 battery safety, confidence guaranteed

- Product weight: 40 g
- size: 40* 20* 68mm
- Power supply: USB Type C charging
- Maximum usage time: 13-16 hours
- Product contents: Air purifier x 1, USB Type C charging cable x 1, Neck lanyard x 1, Manual x 1

Ionizo useful tips:
Need to use 'DC 5V~1A' fire cow/plug for charging!
(It is recommended to check the fire/plug voltage before charging!
There are too many fast charging products on the market, such as extension boards, power banks, etc., and excessive voltage will cause damage to the machine)

Slide the middle push button on the front of the machine upward to start the machine (the white light turns on, and the 'air purification mode' function is activated!

Push the side push button upward to activate the 'air detection' function. You need to activate the 'air purification mode' (white light) before you can activate this function! After activating the 'air detection' function, the machine will light up with a blue light and start detection!

Please note that 'Air Purification Mode' and 'Air Detection' are running at the same time, which will consume a lot of power due to the continuous detection operation! It takes about 5-6 hours!

For daily use, it is recommended to use the air purification mode (white light) to release negative ions for protection, which will last about 10-12 hours!

It is recommended to wait until the battery is low (red light flashes) before charging!

Please charge with the phone turned off!

The charging time is about 2-3 hours. The red and white lights will flash during charging and will turn off when fully charged!

Avoid touching the top two black bristles to avoid affecting the release of negative ions!
(After using it for a period of time, if you see dust on the black bristles, do not wipe it with your hands or wipe it with a paper towel. Just sweep it gently with a clean small brush with soft bristles.)

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