Isocal Fiber Collagen Fiber and Collagen Powder (5.6gx30)

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ISOCAL® FIBER Fiber and Collagen Powder (5.6gx30)

Contains German patented hydrolyzed collagen to replenish the skin's daily loss of collagen!
Clinically proven to help maintain skin firmness and elasticity in 4 weeks!

Contains vitamin C, which can resist oxidation and promote collagen formation, helping to improve skin texture.

The unique PHGG probiotic fiber helps intestinal peristalsis and eliminate waste, making you truly beautiful from the inside out.

Colorless and odorless, easy to add to drinks and food

Helps maintain skin firmness and elasticity
Reduce eye wrinkles
Improve nail health
Helps intestinal peristalsis and elimination of waste

2 sachets per day, one sachet in the morning and evening is recommended

1 box of 30 packs

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