Magic Butler Limescale Killer (750g)

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[Ultra-activated water purifier dissolves scale and powerfully removes scale]

・Efficient cleaning technology gives you easy whitening and brightening

・Scale-dissolving microbubbles fully cover old scale and penetrate deep into gaps. The powerful effect is visible!

【Anti-fouling after washing】Add hard surface cleaner to prevent rapid formation of scale.

[Cleaning Time] Easily remove annoying scale, saving time and effort

[Scope of application] Washbasin faucets, balcony glass windows, shower faucets, bathroom tiles, kitchen sinks, bathroom and toilet dry and wet separation doors

*Natural stone and polished stone are not applicable

Ingredients: Surfactant, Orange Oil Terpenes, Penetrant, Citric Acid, Hard Surface Cleaner

Product properties: acidic

Validity period: three years

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Net content: 750g

Please note: This product can only be used alone. Do not mix it with any other products to avoid danger.

**Please read the instructions and precautions before use.

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