Manta5 HYDROFOILER XE-1 Water Floating Electric Bicycle 【Original Licensed】

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The world's first hydrofoil eBike

Have your own space on the sea, fully control the direction and speed, and enjoy the coast and sunshine freely! This is what the Manta5 Water Bike brings to you! Visit the coast, enjoy the feeling of flying on the sea, or chase the thrill of the waves, or do fitness training on the sea, all under your control. The Manta5 water drifting bike was designed by the New Zealand team. It adopts the racing technology of the America's Cup and the latest electric technology, allowing you to easily control everything and become a pioneer in sailing on the sea!

🇳🇿Designed in New Zealand 🚣🏻‍♂️Adopting the America's Cup sailing technology 🔋7-stage electric drive control- You can choose full electric drive, easy to float or step up the pedal control yourself to control different sea conditions 🧭4 hours of electric sailing🚙 Detachable design, easy to put into the trunk of the car🇹🇼Made in Taiwan🔖Original goods

How robust is it?

Manta5 set a world record crossing the New Zealand's most notorious body of water – the Cook Strait – riding 24 km on a hydrofoil bike between the North and South Island of New Zealand.

Phillippe – a French wakeboard world champion – had his first ride over in Cannes and told us how it went. “We don't float like a boat, we fly more like an airplane, so the feeling of foiling is exceptional.”

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