Mask Donation Program

quantity: Donate 1 box of masks every month [You donate 1 box, acc+ donate 1 box together]
Sale price$50.00


acc+ has actually started to donate masks to the local community. Don’t think that everyone has a mask because the supply of masks is abundant. It turns out that there are many elderly and subdivided households, and the land really doesn’t even have enough money to buy masks. , some beneficiaries need to wear two mask holders after surgery. If you look at the smile on my mask, you will know how much I really need it. We are all happy because we really help those in need. You all feel the joy of giving together! You can buy size zero masks below (based on the principle of practicality, my locality will arrange blue/white), and our locality will help you donate to groups in need, and every time you buy a box, acc+ will donate with you One more box.

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