Medel durable non-breakable nebulizer medicine cup Medeljet Basic Complete Set

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  • Patented unique double valve system
  • Fast drug delivery - Venturi effect + nebulizer airflow
  • The atomization quality is extremely high - the patented double valve system can increase the amount of drug output while reducing drug loss.

- More than 99% of aerosolized drug particles have a diameter of less than 5 microns, and the median (MMAD) is less than 1.72 microns, fully meeting the aerosol standard ( measured with saline water through API testing)

  • Easy to use - easy to use and easy to connect
  • Stable and easy to hold - slim cylindrical shape, easy to hold
  • Reduce drug waste - the specially treated inner wall and the narrow and long inner chamber allow almost all drugs to be atomized
  • Easy-to-read scale - makes preparing dosage more convenient
  • Easy to clean - it can be washed with boiling water, simple and easy, and a sterilizer can be used for sterilization
  • Patented unique double valve system
  • Drug delivery more quickly
  • High atomization quality
  • Stable and easy to grip
  • Reduce drug waste
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to clean - high temperature is allowed

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