Michi - Ninety Zero Variable Massage Gun | Fascia Gun

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It goes without saying that the massage gun is effective in relaxing muscles . Multi-frequency vibrations can help relax large muscles such as gluteus maximus, rectus femoris, etc.
This time Michi's new product "NINETY ZERO" has a new meaning and thinks more about your healthy life!
In the past, the gun-shaped body limited the range and location of massage . NINETY ZERO goes from curved to straight, and the massage area extends to the back.
Let the huge muscle groups on the back (trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, etc.) have less contact and relax!
The human body functional design is suitable for different sizes of body types. It weighs only 460g and can be easily used at home or taken out for exercise. RELAX anytime and anywhere!

The main function:

  • Adjust it as you wish from 0 degrees to 90 degrees
  • 3 types of variable frequency vibration
  • Silent design
  • 5 hours of extra battery life
  • 4 types of massage heads to suit your different uses

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