MOFT - MOFT Tablet Holder | Snap Magnetic Tablet Holder - Space Gray

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Ideal for reading and pencil-heavy work, and for tablet-toting road warriors to efficiently switch between creation and work.
We created the Snap Tablet Stand based on MOFT's founding philosophy: invisible when installed, invisible when used, and unnoticed when carried.
Magic Snap Tablet Sticker for Universal Compatibility, Soft and reusable, the innovative Snap Tablet Sticker is a first-of-its-kind sticker that serves as an attachment point for the Snap Tablet Holder, allowing for quick opening and closing.
Perfect for reading and drawing on iPad, 60° Portrait Mode instantly transforms your natural viewing experience.

tablet stand

      Size: 9.7-13 inches Tablet size: 21 x 15 x 0.35 (cm)
      Weight: 142 (grams)
      Angle: upright 25°/40°/60°, horizontally 30°/40°/60°
      Material: vegetable leather, fiberglass material, traceless viscose
      Special sticker <br>Size: 12x12x0.7 cm

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