MOFT - Snap Laptop Phone Holder Magnetic extension phone holder | Compatible with MagSafe | For laptops | Magnetic stickers - Space Gray

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color: dark gray
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Ultra-thin 0.4cm | Ultra-light 62.5g | Applicable to all models

  • Exclusive folding design, ergonomic
  • 1 second instant magnetic attraction, dual screen expansion
  • Does not support magnetic mobile phones, can be used with the included dedicated tiles
  • Supports multiple scenarios, including live broadcast, video conferencing, and note taking
  • Perfect invisible fit, takes up no space

Magnetic extension mobile phone holder

  • Size: 5.5*2.4*0.17 inches/140*60*4.2 mm
  • Weight: 2.2 oz/62.5 g
  • Materials: Vegan Leather, Fiberglass, Metal Sheet, PC, Removable Adhesive
  • Load limit: 380g

* Please note: The bracket needs to be completely attached to the computer surface and left to stand for 8 hours before it can hold the phone firmly!

Magnetic accessories
  • Size: 2.4*2.4 inches/60*60 mm

Exclusive magnetic stickers
  • Diameter: 2 inches/55 mm
  • Material: rubber, magnetic powder


  • 1 Snap Laptop Phone Holder magnetic extension phone holder
  • 1 magnetic accessory for storing documents
  • 1 exclusive magnetic sticker (compatible with wireless charging)

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