Mokkom - MK-373 Integrated storage IH instant induction cooker | BBQ grill | Oven | Electric hot pot | Hot pot

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  • IH electromagnetic heating technology, 8-level precise temperature control, 5-second rapid heating, doubled heating rate and can be used with different pots
  • Innovative stowable design, the volume is reduced by half after storage, and the whole machine occupies an A4 size
  • Die-cast 6cm deep pot + frying pan matched with induction cooker, non-stick coating + 2 times thickness upgrade, no deformation after long-term use
  • 8 levels of power for fast heating, no fire cooking, the bottom of the pot is evenly heated, reducing oil smoke and odor
  • Embedded pot bottom design makes it stable and safer when placed flat; equipped with a storage bag for neater storage
  • Model: MK-373
  • Net weight: about 4.1KG
  • Gross weight: about 4.78KG
  • Product size: whole machine: 255*255*82mm
  • Host: 240*240*60mm
  • Deep pot: 255*255*67mm
  • Cover: 255*255*15mm
  • Packing size: 335*185*325mm
  • Accessories: 2.5L deep pot, frying pan, lid, main unit, manual, British standard power cord
  • Plug: British three-pin plug
  • Material: Heat-resistant PP+aluminum alloy ADC-12+black crystal panel
  • Voltage: 220V~50Hz
  • Rated power: 1800W
  • Standby power: >1W
  • Energy efficiency benefits: Level 3 energy efficiency
  • Thermal efficiency value: 86.9%
  • Wire length: about 100cm

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