MoliMed Premium (14 pads) Worry-free pads (14 pads)

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Packing: 1 Pack / 1 Box (S size: 18 packs / M size: 12 packs / L size: 12 packs)
  • Size: S Size ( 200ml ) / M Size ( 300ml ) / L Size ( 600ml )
  • Absorbent pads with an odor neutralizing superabsorbent core
  • A non-woven top layer covers the entire surface, impermeable backside with a soft cloth-like outer cover
  • Body shaped form with soft leg gathers
  • Provide optimal comfort and protection against re-wetting
  • Can be fitted securely and discretely in the underwear thanks to a long adhesive strip
  • Dermatologically tested.
Packing: 1 pack/1 box (Small size: 18 packs/ Medium size 12 packs/ Large size 12 packs)
  • Size: Small (200ml) / Medium (300ml) / Large (600ml)
  • Absorbent incontinence pads with an odor-neutralizing superabsorbent core
  • Covered with non-woven fabric throughout, leak-proof rear covered with a soft cloth-to-touch exterior
  • Designed to conform to the shape with soft leg cuffs
  • For optimum comfort and complete protection against moisture return
  • Long adhesive strip allows incontinence pads to be worn securely and invisibly under underwear
  • Dermatologist Tested & Certified

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