Okayama diatomaceous earth seasoning spoon

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Okayama diatomaceous earth spoon, breathing seasoning spoon

Beautiful and practical|Recycling|Small and convenient
Multiple uses|Strong moisture absorption|Safe and assured

Making diatomaceous earth into the shape of a spoon can not only absorb moisture, prevent the seasoning from agglomerating and food from getting moldy, but also be used to scoop up the seasoning.

Are you still troubled by moisture problems?
‧Can be used in contact with food, more at ease
‧Powerful dehumidification, moisture-proof and odor-proof
‧Compact shape, suitable for small storage tanks
‧Natural environmental protection, moisture absorption and drying
‧Preferred Changbai Mountain natural diatomite
‧Size: (S) about 8×3cm; (L) about 9.2×3.7cm

[Declaration] The color of the product picture may have color difference, please refer to the actual product; the marked size is measured by hand, and there may be a little error, please pay attention before buying, thank you!

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